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Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions about our products

General Info

What are the metal plates included with the car phone air vent holder for?


The metal plates are used to attach your phone to the car phone holder. The metal plates are very magnetic, providing your phone the best holding power. The large rectangular metal plate can be used inside your phone case (between your phone and the case) and the small round metal plate has a strong self–adhesive on one side. Use the adhesive side to stick it to the back or your phone or on the outside of your case.

Each car phone holder comes with 2 rectangular silver metal plates and 2 round self-adhesive silver metal plates. Giving you the ability to use the car phone holder with up to 4 different phones!



What type of Magnets are used in the car vent holder?


The car phone holder has 6 super-strong rare earth magnets (N48) which provide a 7lb pull force, making sure your phone stays in place no matter what size it is.


How do I attach the car phone holder to the air vent?

It’s really easy. The car phone holder has two different sized slits. Try to place the car phone holder on the vent using the slimmer sized slits first. If it looks like it’s too tight a fit then rotate the car phone holder 90 degrees and try the thicker sized slits. That’s all there is to it!

Here’s a video showing you how it’s done: Installing Your Magnetic Car Phone Holder On The Air Vent

How do I remove my device from the magnetic vent mount?

Because of the strong hold of the magnets, it’s easiest to remove your phone from the car phone holder by essentially using a peeling motion to get it off the holder.

Here’s a video showing you how to do that: Removing Your Phone From The Car Phone Holder

Does the magnetic car phone air vent holder interfere with phone quality?

We’ve done a lot of testing and the magnet does not interfere with either the smartphone’s internet, cellular or navigation.


Does the magnetic car phone holder interfere with the compass on my smartphone?

During our testing we haven’t found any indication that the compass was affected.


What smartphones is the Happy Travelin car phone air vent holder compatible with?

The Happy Travelin car phone air vent holder can hold just about any smartphone. Because of the six super-strong magnets in the holder it can hold just about any sized phone in place, including all iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Notes!

Can I use the phone in landscape and portrait mode?

Yes, the strong magnets can hold your phone in any direction you choose. And because it’s a cradel-less design, all you have to do is rotate your phone, there’s nothing to adjust – an easy one-handed operation.


Troubleshooting Info

Why Does My Phone Holder Fall Off The Air Vent?

The most common reason for the holder falling off the vent is the thicker slit on the phone holder is being used and the vent is just not thick enough for the holder to hold on tight.

Rotate the phone holder 90 degrees and try the thinner slit in the phone holder, that should do it. The thinner slit on the holder will be able to maintain a strong hold on your air vent, no more falling phone. 🙂

Take a look at this video for a more visual explanation:

Why doesn't the magnet work on my phone

Most phones are not very magnetic (if at all), so the magnets won’t work with your phone off the bat.

That’s why we provide metal plates that are placed on your phone (or phone case) to give the magnets (located inside the car phone holder’s head) a super-strong magnetic bond with your phone.

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