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Our Latest Product – A Premium Car Vent Phone Holder

Happy Travelin premium magnetic car phone holder


6 strong magnets in this air vent car phone holder

6 Strong Magnets

With six super strong magnets, this air vent car phone holder will hold your phone steadily in place.

This magnetic car phone holder fits any air vent

Fits Any Air Vent

The claws on the Happy Travelin car phone holder have two different sized openings.

The two different size openings combined with a rubber finish make sure that the holder stays put on any air vent without causing scratches.

This Magnetic Car Phone Holder's Cradle-less design allows you to rotate your phone

Rotate 360 Degrees

Since this magnetic car phone holder is cradle-less, you can freely rotate your phone 360 degrees – easily setting your smartphone to the perfect viewing angle

The magnetic car phone holder works with any smartphone - even large ones

Holds Any Phone

The super strong magnets are able to hold on to any smart phone, including the larger iPhones and Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note

This magnetic phone holder has a ball joint

The Swivel Ball Joint

The swivel ball joint is dual purpose. It allows for the air vent car phone holder to be adjusted to the perfect viewing angle, no matter what the angle of your air vent is. And it adds space between your phone and the air vent, allowing for airflow.

Dual sized Air Vent Openings

The Car Phone Holder’s claw has two different sized air vent openings. This allows it to hold on tight to just about any air vent out there.

Dual sized grips on this magnetic air vent phone holder
Happy Travelin Air Vent Car Phone Holder

Cradeless Design

Because of the super strong magnets found in the car phone holder, your phone will be kept in place without the need for a cradle or suction cups.

The sleek cradle-free design works perfectly with larger devices and allows you to position your screen horizontal, vertical, angled or circular for optimal viewing.

Simply hover your device near the magnetic surface and it instantly locks securely in place

You’ll easily be able to place your phone and remove your phone with one hand.

Installing The Metal Plate Is a Breeze

The car phone holder comes with 4 silver metal plates to attach to your phone.

Two large rectangular metal plates that can be installed between your phone and your phone case.

Two smaller adhesive silver circular metal plates that can be installed either directly on your phone or on the outside of your phone case.

The Car Phone Holder Comes With 2 Sets Of Silver Metal Plates
The air vent car phone holder has strong magnets

6 Strong Magnets

Inside the head of the car phone holder are six super strong rare earth magnets.

The six heavy-duty magnets will keep your phone in place, even on the most rugged roads – With or without case!

You’ll feel the pull of the car phone holder as you place your phone close to the car phone holder.

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